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Digital Animation



"The Whole Truth" is an animated work that analyzes certain aspects of human interaction by decontextualizing individual contributions to an 'overly polite' conversation. Three parts of a conversation between a husband, wife and unexpected visitor are edited in order obtain abstract, discrete monologues. Finally, all three parts are re-assembled to reveal the true implications of the discussion.



A Curious Sense of Calm
Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, California U S A
January 2012
Curator: Alysse Stepanian

International Festival of Animation Arts "Multivision"
St Petersburg, Russian Federation
December 2009

Manipulated Image: The Whole Truth, the Space in Between, and Chopping Heads …
Santa Fe, New Mexico, U S A
July 2009

ReelHeART International Film Festival
Toronto, Canada
June 2009

Nashville Film Festival
Nashville, Tennessee
April 2009

Kansas City FilmFest
Kansas City, Missouri, U S A
April 2009

Phoenix Film Festival
Phoenix, Arizona, U S A
April 2009

Lake County Film Festival
Libertyville, Illinois, U S A
March 2009

Dam Short Film Festival
Boulder City, Nevada, U S A
February 2009

Beloit International Film Festival
Beloit, U S A
February 2009

Black Earth Film Festival
Galesburg Illinois, U S A
September 2008

Prix Ars Electronica Animation Festival
Linz, Austria
September 2008

Illinois International Film Festival
St. Charles, U S A
September 2008
Best Animation Short

Woods Hole Film Festival
Woods Hole, U S A
July 2008

Real to Reel Film Festival
Kings Mountain, North Carolina, U S A
July 2008
Best Professional Animatiion

Swansea Bay Film Festival
Swansea Wales, United Kingdom
July 2008

The New Jersey International Film Festival
New Brunswick, New Jersey, U S A
June 2008
Best Animation

International Film Festival England
Swansea, United Kingdom
June 2008

Bridge Fest
Vancouver, Canada
May 2008

Berkshire International Film Festival
Great Barrington, Massachusetts, U S A
May 2008

Milwaukee Short Film Festival
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U S A
May 2008

Connecticut Film Festival
Danbury, U S A
May 2008

Indie Spirit Film Festival
Colorado Springs, Colorado, U S A
April 2008

Fallbrook Film Festival
Fallbrook, California, U S A
April 2008